Wrapping Paper – Wholesale Enquiries Only

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500 mm x 700 mm

Unstoppable Woman
This eye-catching design celebrates passionate women who let nothing stand in their way. Trailblazing, defiant, full of self-belief, the future is theirs for the taking. Turning dreams into reality, we salute your resilience, optimism and fearlessness.

Dare to be Rare
From our first collection in 2018, this brightly coloured animal print celebrates every woman who is charting her own destiny. We admire your boldness, bravery and self-respect.

From our 2019 collection, with only a fraction less colour that Bold, Brave, Brilliant, this design salutes the uniqueness of us. Whatever challenges life throws at us, never forget to celebrate ourselves for being the best.

Bold, Brave, Brilliant
From our latest collection, the neon colours of this print celebrate the vivaciousness of being intrepid, pushing boundaries and relishing every step of the way.



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