World Land Trust – Rich


At FYA, we are not just fan fans but fans of education, especially for women, and conservation. We used to get our fans made in China, but now we realize that it’s better to pay more for sustainably produced products closer to home and for that reason, we have designed two fans, made in Spain from sustainably sourced wood.

All net revenue profits from the sale of this fan will go towards raising funds to plant 20,000 trees along the Keruak Wildlife Corridor in Borneo. This female-led project encompasses women from the Sakau community of Kinabatangan, in Borneo, in partnership with the World Land Trust, Hutan, the Genting Plantation and the Sabah State Government.

This fan is imbued with richness of colour, wildlife motifs and words in support of conservation. This richly-coloured celebration of all things wild, is made from sustainably-sourced danta wood with an unvarnished finish.

Closed the fan measures 3 cm (w) x 23.5 cm (h) x 2 cm (d)
Open the fan measures 43.5 cm (w) x 23.5 cm (h) x 2 cm (d)



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