Last weekend, accompanied by Storm Dennis, we photographed our 2020 fan collection at Wattisham Station Heritage Museum (, at Wattisham Flying Station, in Suffolk.

Adriana, our model from our first shoot in 2018, conquered 24 hours of train delays, cancellations and diversions to travel from Bristol to Suffolk to sprinkle a bit of her particular edgy magic to the shoot.  Also back behind the lens was our inspired 2018 photographer, Gregg Brown.

With museum volunteer Maggie Aggiss on hand (thank you, Maggie, you were an absolute star), we were allowed to climb into the cockpit and stand on the wing of a Phantom, straddle a vintage motorcycle and pose in front of a Black Hawker Hunter in the museum’s hangar – a homage to Cold War Brutalist architecture.

In a salute to the 1970s, our new disco fan and sustainable fashion, Adriana wore seventies vintage for much of the shoot, interspersed with a couple of pre-loved Kimono’s and some vintage ladies cricket trousers. Our 70s Retro and Bold, Brave, Brilliant fans reflect two key trends for summer 2020 – 1970s fashion and eye-popping neon colours.  Nothing like some powerful pink to inject a bit of energy and Adriana did just that with the1970s vintage pink dress she wore with her Bold, Brave, Brilliant fan.

This year, for the first time, Fanny’s Your Aunt are supporting the World Land Trust “Plant a Tree” programme, raising funds to plant 20,000 trees along the Keruak Wildlife Corridor in Borneo. Led by a local community team of 10 women from the Sukau community of Kinabatangan, we are especially excited that the net revenue profits from the sale of two of our 2020 fans will go towards helping the World Land Trust with their partner, Hutan, in collaboration with the Genting Plantation, the Sabah State Government and the Sukau community to fulfil this conservation project.

Wherever possible, we have tried to keep our footprint, planet-friendly, so all of our paper and textile products are made in the UK and our new fans are hand-made in Spain from sustainable wood.  Only our Kindle and iPad covers are made further afield as we cannot find anyone closer to home to make them.

Since starting out in 2018 we have learnt a lot from you, especially that you love our prints and want to see them on other products. So, this year, we are introducing a small number of other functional gift items.  The idea being that just because it’s functional, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.  We focused on some of the everyday objects we use which could do with a bit of a boost – iPad and Kindle covers; postcards; greeting cards; wrapping paper; notebooks and aprons – and plastered our most eye-popping prints all over them.

Most importantly, we hope our new gifts give you joy, elevate your spirits and empower your ambitions.

We would love to know what you think.

In the meantime, enjoy!