Finally, our 2019 collection has hit the high street…

As with last year we have plucked some of this summer’s key fashion trends — feathering; tie-dye and Tutti Frutti colours, to make our fans shout a little bit louder.

That said, we learnt a lot from our first collection last year.  Not everyone wants words on their fans, so we listened and two of our new fans – Pink Tie Dye and Green and Blue Tie Dye – let the bright colours do the talking instead.

We also discovered that people like buying our fans as presents so we had some fun with fractions and came up with what we think it is an empowering endorsement of each and every one of us – “10/10.”  Set against a green background with the motifs and numbers in eye-popping Tutti Frutti colours, it’s a celebration of friends and ourselves.

We like having fun too and we just couldn’t resist “I’m a Fan.”  Did you know that back in the day, how you used your fan – which hand it was in, whether it was open or closed or, even, where you placed your fan, was laden with meaning?  Fans had their very own language.  So, we thought, why not celebrate being a fan today – whether it be football, cricket, fencing, a friend or fashion – “I’m a fan,” says it all – all you have to decide is whether you would like a brown unpolished cherry-coloured wood stick or a black painted wooden one – this summer I’m a brown stick girl myself!

We re-invented one of our most popular 2018 fans – “Just Pausing for a Moment.”  People liked its quiet sophistication, so we’ve stuck with calm colours – a dark blue background resplendent with golden yellow flowers and white motifs.

Our signature fan – Unstoppable Woman – now has a choice of fan sticks – varnished blonde wood or painted black wood.

We then had the very tricky job of how to photograph our new collection.  We decided that the best way to show our 2019 fans was to photograph some of the people that actually use them, without any air-brushing, so our 2019 collection models range in age from six to 76.  We swerved white sandy beaches and plumped for an English summer garden, ditched bikinis and had some fun with frocks.  Our photo shoot was styled and photographed by two 2019 Ravensbourne College graduates – Fred Dellow and Geneva Stalker.

It’s not long before we start working on our 2020 collection and it will be the first one where our fans are designed by emerging designers – either still at college or just graduated.  At FYA, we believe that education is the key to success and the empowerment of women. Actions speak louder than words so this year we started sponsoring a young girl in Togo, to enable her to stay in education and, by choosing a student or new graduate to design our 2020 collection, we are celebrating the accomplishment of an education and boosting a burgeoning career.

We would love to add another empowering phrase to our 2020 collection and we think you, “our fans,” are the best arbiter of what that should be so, until the end of September, we are running a competition to find a new phrase for our 2020 collection.  The winner will receive one of each of our 2019 collection – that is seven fans – to waft around whenever, and in front of whoever, they like.  If inspiration arrives, we would love to hear from you.  Please email your entries to by midnight on 30th September 2019, including your name, address and email.

In the meantime, we hope our 2019 collection will keep you cooler than ever.