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Putting fun into function with our range of British-designed functional gifts, including our sustainably sourced, Spanish made hand-held fans; British-made stationery and textile products; and eye-popping Kindle and iPad smart covers.

What, Why and Where?

It began with a fan, which met an untimely demise swatting wasps while on holiday in Greece one summer.

The fan was incredibly useful, just not a lot of fun.  Which got us pondering on whether an invaluable accessory could be transformed into something a bit deliciously different.  Turned out, it could so, we did, and Fanny’s Your Aunt is the result.

Yet, having thought we had nailed it, whenever we told people about our fans, they always wanted to know what else we did, which got us thinking, again.  Perhaps there were other functional objects we could inject a bit of fun into.

There are and eighteen months later, we now have a range of useful gifts smothered in our distinctive prints, which we hope will put some fun back into function, with a smattering of positive messages to bolster your spirits.

While we are at it

Fanny’s Your Aunt would like to extend our support to a few causes we really care about – empowering women while promoting British design and manufacturing and conserving our environment.

We celebrate women with our designs but also through supporting women’s education. Last year, we began sponsoring the education of a young girl in Togo through Plan International.

We support emerging female designers.  Our first two collections were designed by Abi Axton, a London based graphic designer and illustrator, who loves working with bright, bold colours and patterns within nature as her main source of inspiration.

Our latest collection – Bold, Brave, Brilliant and 70s Disco, were designed by Amy Highland. “Finishing my BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree in May 2019, I have spent the last three years of my education and last four years of working professionally as a graphic designer to push creative boundaries and ideas to produce innovative print and digital projects. I really enjoy crafting paper mechanics, print communications and print projects; crafting beautiful and unique experiences. I’ve loved working with Fanny’s Your Aunt over the last few months to produce a range of bright, vibrant products aimed to inspire.”

We want to promote British manufacturing wherever possible.  All postcards, greeting cards, wrapping paper and textile products are sourced from companies within 20 miles of where we are based in Suffolk and our notebooks are from Sussex.

Manufacturing in the UK, wherever possible, helps reduce our carbon footprint and conserve the environment but, where we are unable to do this, we are producing as in as carbon-neutrally as we can. Our Spanish hand-made fans are produced from sustainably sourced wood and, as we are unable to manufacture our Kindle and iPad covers in the UK, we have designed two fans in support of the World Land Trust where all the profits will be donated to female-focused World Land Trust projects.

Eliminating waste is part of this effort so this year we are introducing limited numbers across all our lines.  For some of our new products – for example the Kindle and iPad smart covers – we are only manufacturing covers for the Kindle Paperwhite; the iPad 9.7” 6th generation and the 10.2” 7th generation to begin with, but we are happy to respond to demands!  So, if you like something but we don’t have it in the model you would like, please holler and, if enough of you do just that, we will expand our range.

Last, but by no means least, at our photo shoot for this year’s product range (launching on International Women’s Day Sunday 8th March 2020), our model, Adriana, wore vintage and pre-loved clothing, footwear and accessories.

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